Monday, January 18, 2010

Fanfiction Update

Not sure if I'm writing this blog for my readers or for myself to go back to at the end of this week when I actually have time to write, but here goes!

Lightyears Away: Two chapters were added earlier this week. I think there's about one more chapter left. I know the ending and I know how to get to the ending. It's the other stuff I'm having writer's block on. But I do hope to have this story completed very soon.

I'm also working on a Rex-centric fic. This one's gonna be fun!

My under the mistletoe story might have to wait until next year because today is January 18th (exactly 5 months til Toy Story 3, wahooo!!!) and that is just too far after Christmas to be posting a Christmas story. Then again, I haven't even gotten to taking down my decorations yet, so we'll see.

After Rex will be a new drama about another toy coming to Andy's room....

And I also may try my hand at writing some Bo/Woody fluff. We'll see. I'm better at the Buzz/Jessie. At least I think so...

Eventually I'll get around to re-writing Butterflies. At least some parts, that is. Or maybe just add a few scenes. I like the story, it's just now how I envisioned it when I was planning it initially. I really have to get better about writing things down as they come to me.

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